Located in Pays de la loire (Nantes), near Brittany, Les Assurances Legrand offer craftsmen and retailers to insure their industrial equipment, farm building, shops, cars and cyber risks linked to it systems as well as high-quality personal protection policy for self-employed persons and civil liability, in order to ensure them serenity in case of incidents.


We propose you a dedicated and taylor-made multi-hazard offer to protect your work tool, putting forward :

  • The clarity of securities : fire and related risks, water damages, robbery, vandalism, electrical damages, machines breakage, operating loss, machines being transported,…
  • Scope of commitments : sums insured, durations of coverages, intervention terms and threshold, deductibles, prevention and safety, subscriber’s quality, remedy, …




These contracts proposes to a company solutions to recover a financial situation identical to what she knew before the disaster.
They guarantee a lower trade turnover or no turnover at all, as well as the additional costs linked to this.
The operating loss can be due, for example, to a fire, a storm, a natural disaster, damages to property, a providers’ deficiency, the breakage of a machine or operating equipment, an administrative ban preventing access to the company.



The constant evolution of the relevant case law increases the questioning of companies’ civil liability. This contract permits to be defended and warrants the company in the case its civil liability is questioned in the framework of its business activities.
The company can see its liability questioned for material, bodily and non–material (financial) damages caused by its customers, by its managing board but also by its employees.



The aim of the breakage of machines contract is to protect the production and processing equipment against accidental breakage, destruction or deterioration.
The consequences of the breakage are also insured by operating loss warranties following a turnover decrease until the repair or change of the machine.




Whether it is prime materials, imported finished products or delivery to your customers’ premises, the insurance for transported goods ensures safe exchanges for your company and enables a compensation based on the good’s real value and not on a package per bulk or depending on the weight.
All shipping modes can be taken into account : by road, by train, by air, mixed.




Does not matter the type of fleet and your activity, we insure all your vehicules, including the director’s vehicule, as well as your drivers’ protection.
We can also secure the goods (raw materials, finished products) and equipment (tool, it equipment) inside vehicules.



The Legal Protection contract ensures the company’s economic balance and permits you to anticipate the risks by paying for the legal fees and costs.
By discharging yourself of any legal problem, you can fully dedicate yourself to your professional activity. These cases can be linked to employment, customers or providers, Urssaf or tax authority.



To protect you from unpaid invoices from French or foreign customers and to optimize the action of your sales team, the Credit Insurance relieves you from collecting outstanding payments and maintains your profitability. Partner of your development, the credit insurer helps you in customers management.
Your customers are paying you on time today but how can you make sure that in the future they are still able to do so ? Do you follow-up your financial situation periodically ? We conduct an evaluation about the financial situation of your customers and prospects, implement a collection process in case of outstanding payments, and we compensate in the case you never receive the payment.



Because your company’s situation is linked to the health of the men and women that make it grow, Group contracts permit the implementation of a health coverage for your employees, with excellent medical care level. We can also cover your employees’ insurance (death, disability, absence from work) and retirement savings.



This guarantee protects the directors or managing boards personal property from any lawsuit in personal or joint liability when in office.
All the directors, in law or in fact are concerned :  Accountant, team manager , technical manager, etc


Wether you are a small or medium company, stop taking risks for your business :
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