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P&C insurance


The whole content is insured (furnishings and operating equipment).
❚ Fire.
❚ Operating loss.
❚ Equipment failure.
❚ Professional liability insurance.

Recording studios

The whole content is insured (furnishings and operating equipment).
❚ Guaranteed new value.
❚ Equipment failure.
❚ Electric damages.
❚ Professional liability insurance.
❚ Operating loss.

Offices and premises

The whole content is insured (furnishings and operating equipment).
Your office and IT equipment is insured, including anywhere for what deals with portable computers. The stored material is insured against all risks.


Wether you benefit from an association or company statute, your managing board civil liability can be involved.

In case of offence against laws and rules, statutes violation, or management mistakes (including by third parties), the managing board's responsability is involved on its own property, wether individual or common.

The civil liability insurance for managing board guarantees :

❚ Protection of your own property.
❚ Justice fees for civil and penal court.
❚ Compensation of the damages, including financial conséquences of an asset shortfall.
Is there a link between a prawn, a cumulonimbus, a knee sprain and a front row seat?

When welcoming turns into food poisoning !…

« My headliner arrived at 11 a.m. and as the sound check took place at 3 p.m., I planned to make him discover local dishes. We came together over a shared seafood platter. Unfortunately, 6 hours later, I found back my artist in bed due to a violent food poisoning. I had to cancel the concert as he was unable to recover to sing that night! With the corresponding financial losses. »

When « on-stage accident causes forced vacation » ! …

« 38th date of the tour, thousands of spectators every night, magic… And then, that Monday evening, in front of a wild crowd, my singer falls and gets back up... At the end of the show, his knee hurts, 2 months of sick leave ! And we had to cancel the 7 remaining dates. With the corresponding financial losses and the recourses to be implemented, what a mess ! ».

When everything is ready, 5 000 tickets can « melt away » !…

« Months of work, installation achieved, sound check done under the sun, more than 5 000 entry tickets had been sold at 8.30 p.m. Suddenly, a storm was coming ! Cloud burst, gusts, tree branches were Breaking themselves. The site evacuation was immediate and the cancellation of the show led to a 120 000 € financial loss ».

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